The Beaches of Sarasota

It is very difficult to choose a favorite beach in Sarasota.  Maybe it’s because it’s like choosing a favorite child.  There are no favorites, you love them all, and each one has its own unique personality.   Here goes!

Lido Key Beach

It is very difficult to choose a favorite beach in Sarasota.  Maybe it’s because it’s like choosing a favorite child.  There are no favorites, you love them all, and each one has its own unique personality.  However we will do our best to describe Lido Key Beach for you.  When we are looking for comfort and reliability with a short walk to the water, and easy parking,  we choose Lido Key.  Lido Key is like a good old friend who is always there when you need them.  Lido Key is an excellent beach for collecting seashells, and sand dollars.  We would also rate Lido Key #2 for Sunsets, with Siesta scoring #1. 

Video:  Lido Beach on Siesta Key

Siesta Key Beach

Imagine powdered sugar poured 10 to 12 inches deep, all along the 8 mile stretch of the gorgeous turquoise blue water of the Gulf of Mexico, you would be standing on Siesta Key Beach.  That powder soft white sand came from the State of Georgia, and the Appalachian Mountains. Millions of years ago quartz sand washed down from the  South Georgia Rift Basin  into our Gulf of Mexico, and along the shores of  Siesta Key. During that same time period the  Appalachian Mountains just happened to erode, washing more beautiful white quartz sand down to the same location.That sand helped Siesta Key become the  #1 beach in the world.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach reminds us of a far away place.  It’s like you stepped out on a beach in Ireland. Seriously the rocks, the  coarse sand and the incline on the beach let you immediately know this place is different. Don’t let these ingredients scare you away from this beach, that’s what makes it so awesome.  Sit down and take a load off your feet and breathe in the salty air and soon you won’t want to leave. This beach is the favorite of the huge Sea Turtles, and during nesting season you might get a glimpse of them laying their eggs in the sand.  Gorgeous setting.

Video:  Turtle Beach, Siesta Key

Longboat Key Beach

Longboat Key Beach stretches 16 miles along the Gulf Coast with about 8 miles  in Sarasota County while the other 8 miles are in Manatee County.  The area is one of the most beautiful to drive as you head to Anna Maria Island.  Longboat Key has several access points to the beach for visitors and are easily accessible.  The sand is white and powdery like Siesta Key and the water is stunning.  The seashell hunting is great and the dolphin sightings many. Longboat Key, named after a longboat which was used to travel the North Pass, was left behind by Timucuan and Caloosa Indian Tribes that vacationed on the island hundreds of years ago.

Video:  Longboat Key Beach

Big Pass Sandbar

If you like to mingle with people walk on a white sand beach completely surrounded by turquoise blue water then be sure and join us at Big Pass Sandbar.  You will have such a great time there hunting for sand dollars, crabs, shells, and just about anything else that washes on shore.  The water there is super clear, you can see everything below, which makes hunting for shells really easy.  The best place to pull your boat up on  shore is on the North side of the island.  The Big Pass Sandbar is awesome but it does change with the current of the water.   Sunsets are amazing from the Sandbar. You will love it! 

Video: Big Pass Sandbar

North Jetty

When our friends come to visit us, one of the first requests they make is to go see Dolphins. There are cruises you can take to see Dolphins, but there is no guarantee you will see them.There is one fabulous place to go and see dolphins, is called the North Jetty.  Dolphins seem to make their appearance at the Jetty when it’s time to eat.  Yes at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time, these marvelous creatures appear above the water. The show starts slow and then gets better with the screams of joy. It is with patience that the dolphins and manatees will be seen, don’t rush it, they will appear.  Enjoy!!

Video:  Venice and Nikomis at the North Jetty