Shopping for Groceries 

No doubt, we are incredibly lucky to have some of the best options for grocery shopping on the Suncoast.  We also have lots of fresh produce grown right in our area.  We are proud to be one of the top 10 producers of beef in the US.  And of course, the seafood is right off the boat.  With so many great choices, it can be overwhelming.  But we have identified and rated some of the best choices:

Whole Foods

Whole Foods has two locations in Sarasota, one on University Parkway and one in Downtown Sarasota. Whole Foods carries a complete selection of foods, supplements, and a full deli and bakery. We also love the convenience of the Amazon lockers at the University location, so we can pick up our Amazon orders at the store, without having to leave them on our doorstep all day.  Whole Foods has excellent Vegan selections and a delicious Bakery you won’t want to miss out on.  Be sure and get your Prime Membership with Amazon which will save you money at Whole Foods.


Trader Joes

If you like grocery shopping, with everything you need in just a few aisles, then Trader Joes is your place.  If you like to save money on your groceries, and feel like you are part of a special club then look no further Trader Joes will not disappoint!!  Be sure and get  the Trader Joe’s newspaper “The Fearless Flyer” for  recipes ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner.  Cooking is made easy with the help of Trader Joes!  We only have one store in town but you can beat the crowds by shopping early morning or after 7:30 at night.  

Jessica’s Organic Farm

During the months of September through June, if you get your produce from Jessica’s Organic Farm your body will operate at its peak performance level. Jessica’s Organic Farm is our favorite place to shop for Organic food.  There are 5 rich acres of land right in the city that make up Jessica’s Farm that was started in 1979.  This farm is certified 100% Organic by QCS. There is nothing genetically modified here.  This farm was one of the first organic farms in all of Florida.  People come from all over to shop this delightful clean rich food.  It is a pleasure to consume food that minutes before was in the ground or on the tree. 

Sarasota Honey Company

This honey company is not a huge factory pumping out sweet goodness this is the real deal.  Sarasota Honey Company is a family owned business that places their hives in residential backyards throughout town. Pesticides are kept away from the hives, and the residents not only get to keep some of the honey made, but they also get to see how wonderful bees are!  Without bees we would die!  You can get an application online and look into having a hive in your own backyard. Check out their website for more information on all their honey products.

Detwiler’s Grocery Store

We are very fortunate to have a terrific variety of grocery stores in our area but one you might miss is Detwilers Grocery Store.  Family owned and operated this place will save you money and provide you with quality food.  The Detwilers take pride in bringing your family the freshest, and finest vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat you name it they have it. If you arrive at the store hungry be sure and get you an ice cream cone. Shopping is more fun with an ice cream cone in hand! They have several locations around town so don’t miss out on this great place to shop.

Walt’s Fish Market

We positively LOVE Walt’s Fish Market on Tamiami Trail in Sarasota.  The fish market is one of the best in our area.  There are signs everywhere stating, “The Fish We Sell Today, slept in the Gulf Last Night.”  Now how much fresher can you ask for?  They are not kidding and boy you can sure taste the difference between fresh caught seafood, and frozen.  They have every kind of seafood imaginable. Our favorite is their Colossal Shrimp, ad Swordfish all of which melts in your mouth.  They sell the fish for you to take home and prepare, or they will prepare your selection for you.  Speaking of delicious seafood check out their restaurant too. We LOVE their Grouper Reuben Sandwich.  Absolutely delicious sandwich, and one you should try without hesitation.  Parking is at a premium but certainly worth a little hassle just to get to go inside.  You can dine at Walt’s Monday through Sunday from 11:00 to 10:00 p.m.  The Wallin Family, owners of Walt’s, is one of a few Fish Market Restaurants in the United States that sell, and serve seafood, that has literally been caught that day.  That is dedication to fresh!!  We agree with their claim: “We have the Best Seafood in Sarasota since 1918.”