Museums in Sarasota

Ringling Art and Circus Museum

There is a strong presence in Sarasota of a family named Ringling.  John and Mable Ringling of the Ringling Brothers Circus, brought a legacy of art and culture to Sarasota.  John Ringling was not only a successful entertainment entrepreneur, but he also was an amazing visionary that drove business development in Sarasota.  John was passionate, and enthusiastic as he worked to bring his visions for the area to fruition.  Sarasota would not be the City it is today without this family’s influence.  The Ringling’s bought property along the Sarasota Bay where John and Mable built their stunning Venetian Gothic  influenced mansion. The mansion built in the 1920’s and named Ca d’ zan  (The House of John) has been fully restored for all to tour.  This 56 room home sits proudly on the shore of the Sarasota Bay at the North edge of the City. John Ringling died in 1936 at the age of 70.  It is said that John and Mable Ringling had quite the love story,and a life full of success, sorrow, and loss.  The Ringling Story makes a great read, and is worthy of your time to tour the spectacular Ca d’ zan Mansion and the Ringling Art and Circus Museum.