Client Rebate Registration

Instructions for buyer.  Please fill in the fields below.  After completing this form, a copy will be immediately sent to you via email.  Please print and give it to the community representative on the property.

Becky Todd , REALTOR, SFR

Client Registration Form

 Please be advised that my client(s) has been referred to your New Home Community by Becky Todd with Bright Realty License #SL3307030.  Becky Todd will be representing:

and has encouraged them to consider your new homes.   Please contact Becky Todd with Bright Realty, at 941-681-8360 for any information that you may need from her.  If her clients select a home in your community, she will contact your office to set an appointment to write the offer on their selected home.

Becky looks forward to working with you.

 Client(s) contact information is listed below:



bright realty

 5218 Station Way, Sarasota, Fl 34232

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