Buy New Home, Get Rebate  $5000!

Exclusive Rebate Program – Becky Todd, Realtor

Earn $5,000 when you purchase a NEW HOME in Sarasota or Manatee Counties

How is this possible? 

Our “Thank You Rebate”, also known as a commission rebate is from commission paid to the REALTOR by the Seller for successfully negotiating a contract on their property.  The commission is paid to the Brokerage Firm and then distributed to the Agent who brought the contract.  As a token of my appreciation for allowing me to be your REALTOR for your new home purchase I will share $5,000 of my commission with you.

How can I use my rebate?

As the home purchaser, you are free to use your rebate to help with closing costs or receive it as cash at closing. If you are getting a loan, your lender will need to approve how you use your rebate funds, and when they can be received.  Disclose the rebate to the lender at your first opportunity.  Rebates are most often issued as closing credits but can also be offered as a cash rebate.  Rebates are not considered taxable income, but you must disclose your rebate to your lender on your HUD 1 Settlement Statement.

Do I need to apply for the rebate?

The “Thank You Rebate” offers eligible buyers a cash refund of $5,000 on their new home purchase. To be eligible for the rebate, simply register as my client by turning in the registration form available on this website, to each New Home Sales Center you visit. This registration form lets the Builder know that your REALTOR is Becky Todd with Bright Realty.  I am available to tour the communities with you, just give me a call and we will set up a time to meet.  I will even make copies of your registration form for you.

By the way…

As of March 3, 2021, there are 42 states that ALLOW rebates to be given to home buyers from their Real Estate Agent when they purchase a home.  There are eight remaining states, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee that do not allow rebates.  Thankfully, Florida allows rebates!  Just one of many reasons I LOVE Florida!  Check out the link to the Department of Justice Website Https://

Is there any catch to this offer?

No catch.  It’s simply good business for the benefit of my clients.  Here are the only considerations:

1) You’re eligible to receive this rebate by working with Becky Todd as your agent.  If you’re already working with another REALTOR, unfortunately you’re not eligible.      

2) Before touring the New Home Property, it’s important to complete your registration with Becky.  The registration form identifies me as your agent and provides the property representative with my contact information.  

3)  A registration is required for each New Home Property site you plan to visit. 


Additional benefits of this program:

You will receive FULL SERVICE from me.  I will show you the properties, meet the builder reps with you, compare financing offers, and explain the offer so you understand them.  I will negotiate a purchase price based on the latest market analysis.  Builders Sales Reps work for the Builder.  I will work to see to it you have good information to make educated business decisions. I bring 23 years of Real Estate sales, and Builder experience. Using this program, Past clients have saved on average $20,000 on their home purchase.

Any questions?

You can reach me directly by telephone at 941-681-8360 to ask me any questions you may have.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Participating Builders

Most of the builders in Sarasota Metro Area participate in the rebate program, including the very popular builders listed below.  If you don’t see your builder’s name listed, no worries!  In all likelihood, they are already involved in the program.   We can save you thousands of dollars on your purchase and also rebate you $5,000 at closing!

David Weekly Homes


D.R. Horton



Mattamy Homes

Meritage Homes

Neal Communities

Sam Rodgers Homes

Taylor Morrison

More FAQ’s about getting your rebate

The rebate program is a unique offering from me and my Real Estate firm.  Not all real estate agents do this but I am most happy to share my commission with you.  Here are a few more questions regarding the program and how I’m involved to get you extra cash at closing. 

Does the rebate program apply to only new home construction?

Yes it does, to both new home construction and new home communities.  You must be registered with Becky Todd w/ Bright Realty, as your Realtor at the new home community in order for me to rebate you $5,000 from my commission.  I prefer to be with you when you visit a new home community and I can handle the registration at that time.

Can I visit the new home community on my own?

While it is easier if I accompany you on your visit, you can certainly visit on your own.  Just be sure to give the completed registration form to the community sales representative.   The form has all of the information they need.  I recommend to have the form filled out in advance to save you from paperwork while you’re visiting with the community.

Can I just work with the community representative to facilitate my rebate?

No.  The rebate is a uniquely offered from me and my real estate firm.  So it is important that you are registered with me as your agent.  Remember, the community sales rep works for the builder.  I work for you.  With me as your agent, you’ll receive the full service you expect from any other real estate agent, with one exception… I choose to share my commission with you.  I’ll work with you at every step and must be present at the time you enter into your contract.  At closing, you receive $5000 of my commission.

Does the rebate program apply to homes on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?

The Rebate Program only applies to NEW Construction.  No Resale Homes at this time apply.

Are rebates legal?

Yes rebates are legal in Florida. Feel free to check out the US Department of Justice for clarification:  Website:

How can I get quick answers to my questions?

Call me for questions or more details – I answer my phone.  Becky Todd w/Bright Realty 941-681-8360.

Rebecca Sue Todd

Phone:  941-681-8360

Becky Todd w/Bright Realty is a 23-year REALTOR with a career production of over 270 million dollars in sales. Becky and her family live in Sarasota.  She looks forward to helping you get acquainted with all the area has to offer.  Becky serves Sarasota, Venice, North Port, Osprey, Nokomis, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, and Parrish.  Florida Real Estate License #SL3307030

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