Ten Things to Know Before You Move Here

1)  When you see a pond, lake, or stream, or puddle, there is probably an alligator living there.  Respect them and leave them alone.  Enjoy ALL alligators from a disssstaaaaance!

2)  There are NO State Income Taxes in Florida and NO taxes on groceries.

3)  Never knockdown a mound of dirt with your foot.  Avoid dirt mounds at all cost.  Fire Ants could be living in that mound.  Keep your pets away too.  They sting like nothing you have ever felt before.  Florida also has Ghost Ants.  These Ants don’t bite but will invade your home by the hundreds when conditions are right.  Keep an exterminator on speed dial.

4)  Make a goal to catch as many sunsets at the beach as you can.  Take advantage of this amazing benefit that not many other places in the country can enjoy.  There are over 10 beaches to choose from so no matter where you are you won’t be late!!

5)  PERMITS are required for just about anything from replacing a roof, having an air conditioner installed, to building a deck.  Fines are high and can cost you later on when you try to sell your home.  Go to scgov.net/residents/permits-license-and-tax for more information. Starting a business?  Get a license!  Don’t get caught without the proper licenses or permits.  It is not worth it!

6)  The busy season is November thru April.  Be advised that a reservation is necessary during these months.

7)  Prepare for U-Turns!!!  Just when you think that everything looks clear on the road ahead, the driver directly in front of you makes a U-turn instead of turning left, without warning.  Yikes!

8)  Yes, that was a Bentley and a Lamborghini you saw just go by on the road.

9)  Hurricanes are real but not as bad as you might think.  Hurricanes bring power outages, and do knock down trees, but no need to panic you can handle this.  Hurricanes like to avoid Sarasota and seem to make landfall to the south of us and then travel east across Florida or North and hit the Northern Coast.  If we get a storm it usually consists of lots of rain and wind, but it is gone within a day or two.  During regular storms and during Hurricanes, use care with lightning outdoors in Florida.  If thunder is present, get off the beach and stay indoors.  Lightning Kills!  Local Tip: Remain Calm during Hurricanes.  Stock up with a week of food, ice water, and batteries.  Life will go on and you will survive!! 

10)  Be sure and get your new Drivers License and your new Vehicle Plate within 30 days of arrival or you might wish you had.  The penalty is steep!!!